_NOTE; You Are To Answer Three(3) Questions Only Out Of The Below Answers. Love You All._

(i)their bodies are segmented with each segment separated from the other by septa.
(ii)their bodies are cylindrical in shape
(iii)their appendage are jointed

(i)Turbidity; is an expression of how clear or cloudy the water is in aquatic habitats. This depends on the amounts of debris or slit suspended in the water.

(ii)Alkalinity; is used with soil having a low hydrogen ion concentration of high PH value usually greater than 7.

(iii)Topography; relate to structures of earth’s surface. It includes such features as altitude, slopes and low lands

(iii)loss of taste or smell

Mr John’s blood vessels was damaged diving the cut and therefore exposed to air. However platelets in his blood stream released an enzyme called thrombokinase which produces thrombin. This thrombin converts soluble fibrinogen in plasma to insoluble fibrin in the presence of calcium ions. the thread like fibrin then forms a network on the surface of the wound and blood cells are trapped within to form a clot.

(i)Absence of a gut
(ii)Presence of suckers and hooks
(iii)Absence of digestive system
(iv)Presence of cuticle


The soil water and minerals which has entered the cell sap of the root hairs through osmosis and by capillary passes to the cortical cells of the root. From the cortical cells, the soil water and minerals enters the endoderm then to the pericycle and finally to the xylem vessels. They are passed to the xylem of the stem under root pressure.

(ii)Cell Division

(i)Presence of chlorophyll
(ii)Presence of sunlight

(i)Proteins: Million’s reagent
(ii)Fats and oil: Sudan III solution

(i) It is used for movement
(ii) It is used for capturing prey


(i) They are entirely aquatic
(ii) Respiration is mainly through gills, except lung fishes

(i) They are not aquatic, but terrestrial
(ii) Respiration is through mouth or nostrils

(ii)Sweet potato



(i)They possess ten pairs of cranial nerves
(ii)They respire through the lungs and skin. Gills might be present externally in some adults.
(iii)They are ectothermic animals, found in a warm environment

(i)They produce food for the plant by photosynthesis.
(ii)Transportation of water and food
(iii)They gives protection to pant


When biceps constrict, they get smaller, pulling at the tendons that are attatched to both the muscles and the bones. The triceps relax and elongate, so that there’s no resistance for the arm to move upward. The reverse in true when your arms bend back downwards. If you want to see this for yourself: put your hand on your bicep and gently squeeze as you move your arm up. The bicep will “ball up” and get harder. Gently squeeze your triceps when your arm goes back down, and the same thing will happen there too.


(i)The annual rainfall in the area is poor
(ii)The wet season last 3-4 months
(iii)They have extremely short grasses

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